Visiting the Barcelona Aquarium with children

Holidays are for having a good time and enjoying them with your family. If you have children, arranging a trip that is also enjoyable for them will benefit your stay and you’ll have a pleasant memory of that time you and your family went on an adventure across another country.

In Barcelona, there are lots and lots of options which are suitable for children. Animal-related attractions are always fun for children, and you’ll find the Barcelona Zoo and the Aquarium to be two of the best places of their kind not only in Spain, but in Europe as well.

Clownfish in the Aquarium of Barcelona

You’ll find Nemo in the Aquarium of Barcelona!

Where to buy the Barcelona Aquarium tickets?

You can buy the tickets for the Aquarium in our website, where you will find more information about the place, prices, how to get there, and other attractions that might come in handy if you are planning your trip ahead. Our tickets include the admission to the venue and the possibility to visit all the areas of the Aquarium for as long as you want and participate in some activities for children. Also, kids younger than three years old enter for free!

If you want to know what some of these activities are and what can you find inside the attraction, keep reading!

A delightful attraction for the whole family

Zoos and oceanographics provide cultural enrichment for your kids while enjoying leisure time, and have no doubt that they will be overly excited to see all the types of fish and marine fauna inside the different tanks. It’s an excellent time to teach them about ecology, life in the sea, and nature.

The Aquarium has many different tanks that mimic many different environments. You’ll find mediterranean ecosystems, tropical climate, and lots of fishes in smaller tanks. The main attraction, though, is the Oceanarium, which is a massive area with tunnels where visitors are, in fact, inside the tank, and can watch the biggest specimens in the venue, like sharks, manta rays, and ocean sunfishes, swim and lurk over their heads.

Fun activities for children in l’Aquarium de Barcelona

Feeding time!

L’Aquarium holds more than six million litres of water among all the tanks, and close to 11.000 organisms of 450 different species. As you can imagine, they need to be fed, so the patrons have turned the feeding hours into an attraction for the visitors. Watching fishes feed is fascinating, and adds more excitement to the visit.

  • Sharks. Do you remember Jaws? Well, it certainly won’t be like that, but we promise watching sharks eating big chunks won’t disappoint. The divers will attach calamari and other types of fish in a rod so the sharks can reach and eat their favourite food.
    The times when sharks are fed are Tuesdays and Fridays between 12PM and 1PM, in the Oceanarium.
  • Penguins. Yeah, there are penguins too! They are always jumping and diving into the water to get your attention. They are fed in Planeta Aqua area twice a day every day, at about 1:30PM and 4:30PM.
  • Manta Rays. Manta Rays are fascinating creatures, and very mesmerizing. They are fed every day at 2PM except sundays.
  • Moray Eels. Do you remember the bad guys from Disney’s Little Mermaid? Your kids will probably remember them too. These slimey and long fellas are fed from Monday to Friday at 12:45PM in the Oceanarium.
Blue Tang in the Aquarium of Barcelona

Can you find Dory in the Aquarium?

Handicrafts and educational activities

Inside the venue, there are areas specifically for children (and adults too!) where they can play and make crafty souvenirs to take with them. Also, there are some hours per day when children can attend to educational workshops involving some of the animals of the Aquarium, like penguins, or guided visits thought specially for kids, so they enjoy the attraction and have a great time. These are all included in the tickets we provide (some of them need registration at the ticket window), and you should definitely consider them if you want to take your children to the Aquarium, they will live the greatest experience!